Jon Phillips

People, Art, Technology, Blockchain, STL :)

About Jon Phillips

I’m the Director of Fabricatorz. I’m on the board of New Palmyra.

I’m known for my early passion for Open Source Software. My first Open Source Project is the drawing app, Inkscape. I created and still maintain Openclipart and Font Library.

I like to cycle with my friends around the world.



Jon Phillips is Director of Fabricatorz, a global design & art technology studio. His collaborators include Bassel Khartabil, Joi Ito, Lawrence Lessig, and Ai Weiwei. His projects have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, SFMoMa, ICA London, OCAT Shenzhen, and featured in Wired, the Washington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN and the Guardian. Phillips serves on the board of New Palmyra. He lives in Saint Louis and Hong Kong, from where he is currently working on blockchain projects.