Jon Phillips

28 May 2024

Keep Transforming

by Jon Phillips

This is an unfinished writing :) I wrote previously about Trade is Peace and my challenge from going from unlimited sharing from San Francisco Web 2.0 “social web” times to no sharing, “Beijing, China problems come out of no where style”. Now, I bring back “rejon” and this site,, because I believe the technology is finally here that allows for me to share my real thoughts with minimal mediation. And further, my current read on the landscape is: Time to Build.

I started this writing on my 45th birthday, which was a rather normal day. I biked my kid to school in the morning. My family made a Birthday party for me. I felt the love.

I’m now 5 years into the 2nd third of my life and the words of the great Willpower resonates daily since Li Li Phillips was born: Keep going.

See, my priority now is to keep my family healthy and growing. More than my own words, or making “an idea a day” or cycling off into the unknown, I value daily life routine. I love seeing my kid wake up, making her breakfast and biking her to school. WOW!

Really, my birthday had not much to do about me. It had to do with bringing my local Hong Kong family together and sharing (but always missing my family not-present).

Yet, the morning of May 28, 2024, as I do daily in my morning sunrise stretching and prayer, I felt the charge. I observed my thoughts.

As has been documented in Scale Sensorium, Carl D. Essen tagged me as the “Dealmaker”. So I’ve been making deals. Willpower got me to “Keep Going”.

At first, I considered what does it mean to “Keep Growing”? This statement implies there is constant growth with some understood charge forward. This is fine, but feels a bit selfish to me. I am able to keep growing, but I live to support my friends and family.

Then I considered what is a deal? A deal is an agreement to “trade”, or bring harmony between those in an agreement for a transaction to take place. This harmonization comes from transformation. This is not always understood, transactional or even rational. It is often emotional, personal, and unwritten. Timing is everything.

Keep Transforming.

Consider the power of transformation? To turn anger into love, pain to joy and suffering to happiness is my focus.

Let’s Transform Together.

If we have not talked in a while, then let’s catch up! If we do not know each other, I am also am I here. Now is always the right time.

~ Jon

ASIDE: I am so happy to be here. Having my own personal space and tech is important. First, the death of Bassel really brought me down. Then, countless friends have been canceled and challenged. I did not realize that working to support Bassel already had prepared me for this era. Then, Jack’s support of Nostr re-ignited my passion that I need to take control of my tech. And, this all thankfully builds on the past of my work. Restarting writing is inspired by Nat, Joi and Christopher Adams. Over time, I will pull in content here and push new for fun :)